Soft circular green turtle plush with brown shell.


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  • Lovable & Detailed - This Turtle stuffed animal plush will provide hours of fun, comfort, and joy to your special loved one. Watch your loved ones eyes light up and big smile as they hug their new plushy friend.
  • Cutie Beans Gumball - With an adorable round design detailed with cute little arms, as well as a sweet embroidered face. A very cute plush to hug tight and be laid on like a pillow. A great topper for a made bed or the couch. Your new round pillowy friend is 11 in diameter and fits perfectly in your lap.
  • Soft to the Touch - These cute animal plushies are made for hugs and feel amazing to snuggle up with on your skin due to super soft spandex fabric. Children and adults will pet, cuddle, and play with these for hours.
  • Huggable - The premium polyester stuffing gives these plush their softness when hugged and flexibility return back to shape after being cuddled tightly. Shaped perfectly round for hugging to your chest; Fiesta plushies are designed with the hugs in mind.
  • Great Gift - Perfect for Birthday present, Christmas, Graduation, and Valentines Day gifts; Fiesta toys are made for boys, girls, and adults too. Whether it be for your children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, special someone, or yourself make sure to choose a premium stuffed toy held to the highest standard of quality.