Light blue t-shirt with a vibrant graphic print on the front, showcasing various dinosaurs such as a T-Rex and Triceratops in dynamic poses, set against a blurred greenish backdrop. Below the illustration, the word “T-REX” is prominently displayed in bold, capital letters. The design is detailed, highlighting the scales, teeth, and other features of the dinosaurs. Top right corner of image shows the text “T-REX CAFE EXCLUSIVE” is displayed above the graphic, while the word “Exclusive” is seen below.

T-Rex Cafe | Dino Selfie | Adult Tee

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Capture the essence of T-Rex Cafe with our Dino Selfie Adult Tee! Featuring tongue-sticking-out dinosaurs snapping a pic, this exclusive tee is a must-have for any dino lover. Don't miss out on this quirky and playful piece!

  • Color: Chalky Mint
  • Material: 100% Cotton